Valentine Tree, Road Trip (Part Three) & A Giveaway

The day Felicity and I were supposed to leave on our road trip there was a winter storm that moved through our traveling path so we had to stay home an extra day.  We decided to spend the day transforming our Christmas Tree (that we still hadn't taken down), into a Valentine Tree.

The only thing we had to buy was a $1 package of paper doilies.  All the other decorations we made from things around the house.

For garland we used scraps of lace and ribbon and then cut up strips of fabric to go with the leftover red mesh we used at Christmas.
We made a few other garlands with sheet music and twine.  I'm definitely going to find lots of uses for those, even after we take down the tree.

We also hung some paper medallions that I had made last year for decorations at Felicity's Valentine Party.  I clipped on a few of Felicity's pink, red and white satin flower hair clips as well.    

wE raided my jewelry box and draped a couple pink necklaces and a pearl necklace along the branches,  then we hung a few pretty brooches on, as well as a couple of heart shaped pendants that I took off some necklaces.

I couldn't figure out what to use for the tree topper and then finally decided to pull out some dyed coffee filter flowers I made last year for Felicity's Easter Party and attached them to the top of the tree.

Click Here to see my tutorial on dying coffee filters and how to make the flowers.

We like the tree so much that I think we will make this a tradition every year.  It's so much work getting the tree down out of the attic and setting it up every year, that I think we might as well find a way to enjoy it for more than one month   =)


Felicity and I are still enjoying traveling around Alabama.  

Although I still have not figured out exactly what "Roll Tide" means, I know it has to do with football here, but still don't understand what it actually MEANS..... 

People here certainly take the phrase seriously though, I actually saw it mowed into someone's yard yesterday - and it's not even football season!

We visited this cute children's store called "Kids Korner" in Enterprise, Alabama and are delighted that they're going to be carrying part of my line now!  

Enterprise has a really cute old downtown with this brick road and old fountain at the center of it.  I just LOVE it!

While we were on the road we came across this cotton field, it was so pretty, just a field of cotton nearly as far as you could see.

I tried to get Felicity to take a picture by and get down to touch it, but she was grossed out by it and said:
"Yuck Mom, it's Old!"

We are having a "Share it to Win it" GIVEAWAY on our Facebook Page!

We are hitting the road again Monday to go visit a children's store in Ozark, Alabama - hoping they'll like our line!


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Valentine Party & Road Trip { Part Two }

Since most of you are new to my blog, you probably were not around last year when I showed the pics from Felicity's V-Day party, so I thought I would share some of the photos, including some I didn't show last year.

Felicity had her cousins over and they had a fabulous time being all fancy, having a brunch that included french toast, chocolate fondue and a punch fountain.

For easy clean-up we used disposable plates but fancied them up by putting them on chargers with paper doilies in between.  For the seating assignments we put each girl's initial on top of the plate.

That's a tutu on the bottom of the cake stand.

You can get this punch fountain from Sam's Club for around $25.  If you have any little girl parties in your future I would highly recommend getting one.  The little girls all LOVED it!

I cannot believe it's been almost a year since we had this party.  It feels like it was just a couple months ago.... time is flying by and my baby girl is growing up way too fast!

Felicity and I are still traveling around visiting children's stores.  

Right now we're in Alabama and we're loving this state.  Everyone we have met has been so friendly and the area we are in is really pretty.

On our road trip before we crossed over into Alabama we stopped in Gulfport, Mississippi so Felicity could see the ocean for the first time......

She loved it, but was really more interested in the sand than the water.  It was so cold and her little nose was red, but she didn't care.  She ran all over the beach and threw the biggest fit when we had to leave.

We will be visiting several stores around here over the next few days in hopes of bringing on even more new retailers of our "Inspired By Felicity" line!

I've added a few new Valentine hair accessories to the shop.
Valentine Hair Bow-Valentine's Day, v-day, pink, red, flower, bow

Vintage Headband with Rolled Roses-pink, white, headband, rolled rose, fabric, vintage

Pink Lace & Feather Hair Clip-pink, lace, feathers, hair bow, clip, lace clip, pink feathers

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Road Trip & Valentine Cards

Hello from Alabama!

Felicity and I have been road tripping across the South the last few days and have spent close to 20 hours in the car.

 We started in Oklahoma and then went through Texas, where we hit some unexpected terrible sleet and icy roads, then made it to Louisiana, where we visited a fabulous children's store called "Life's Little Treasure's", which is now one of our newest retailers!

Felicity insisted on pulling in our bag of products to show them. 

When we were in the back laying out show pieces to take their order, Felicity had to help lay everything out on the counter.  She would lay things out perfectly and say, "Like this, Momma".

Of course she had to pull the bag back out too.  She's such a good little sales assistant.

Although in her eyes, I'm pretty sure she is the boss and I am her sales assistant, or actually I may not even be her assistant, I may just be her mode of transportation.

Have you seen the show "Cajun Pawn Stars"?  Well, the store is in Alexandria, Louisiana not far from our new retailer, so we had to drive down and check it out.

..... the ladies at the store recommended we eat at "Swamp Daddy's" so we tried it out.  I didn't think Felicity would like it, but she loved it!

I'll share more photos from our trip as we go, but today I wanted to give you some Valentine's Day card inspiration!

Last year we made these cards using free printables from AFancifulTwist.com, by embellishing them with glitter and putting them on paper medallions (tutorial here) and little paper doilies. 


You can still get these cards off her blog if you look through the archives or you can use her new printables she just put up today.  I LOVE them!

Owlie Valentine 2

Click Here to go to these new printable cards.

Felicity and I love these and will definitely be making something cute with them this year!


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Winter Decor & A Cat Burglar

Each year when I start taking down Christmas decorations I have little debates over what has to go because it's obviously Christmas and what gets to stay out a little longer as "winter" decor.

I have to find ways to feel the empty spots during the transition time between Christmas and Spring or things start to seem boring.

This year I'm leaving out my silver snowflakes on the pitcher of twigs.

... as well as a little bit of the winter greenery and my nuts.

Since the candle holder has snowflakes and nothing actually Christmasy is gets to stay out a bit longer too.

If you are looking for some other simple winter ideas, here are a few of my favs...

Sticks and pinecones spray painted white.
Winter decor
(found via Pitnerest - no source listed)

Pinecone Topiary by Knockoff Decor
Pinecone Topiary 3

Twig Wreath by Thistlewood Farms

On another note I have to share the silliest story about what happened to me a few nights ago.

A couple nights ago I was awaken around 2:00 in the morning by the sounds of my jewelry being shuffled through in my jewelry box. 

Felicity was lying in bed next to me so I knew it wasn't her and my husband was gone on a business trip, so I instantly came to the conclusion someone had broken into our house and was going through my jewelry box (due to the location of it I couldn't actually see it from my position), I considered going for my gun which was just barely out of reach, but since they were already in my room I decided to stay still and pretend to still be asleep, hoping they would just leave.

 The longer I listened to the sounds of my jewelry be pilfered through the more panicked I became and the heavier my breathing got (I think I was actually pretty close to hyperventilating) I started praying to God to hurry up and get them out of my house peacefully before Felicity woke up.... 

Then I heard a "MEOW" and discovered Felicity's kitten was inside my jewelry box playing with my hanging necklaces!  I was so relieved and felt so silly at the same time.  

Have you ever had anything similiar happen.... I so hope I'm not the only one.


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Old Frame to Cute Display Piece

You may have noticed this turquoise frame display piece I used at my craft show to display some hair pieces.......

We also used it at my Niece's Mad Tea Party to display photos of her....

I came across pictures I took of the process to make this and thought I would share them today.

I am in love with this simple little piece and even more in love with the fact that it only cost $2 - below is what the frame looked like when I bought it at a yard sale.

I went over the whole thing with a couple coats of craft paint I had on hand.

Then to distress it a little I sanded some edges here and there and rubbed some Valspar Antiquing Glaze in a few spots and let it sit for a few seconds then rubbed it back off, leaving just a little behind.  You can find the glaze at Lowes.

My husband stapled chicken wire onto the back of the frame and then I stapled some fabric behind the wire.

I just love it and when I am not using it at craft shows or parties  I have it hanging in my studio and clip random this and that type things on it (magazine clippings, etc).

I have acquired a really large ornate gold frame that I'm thinking about doing something similar with, but haven't decided for sure.

I also wanted to share some pics of a few things I've added to the shop
Grey & Pink Vintage Button Swarovski Brooch-pink, leopard, turquoise, rose, grey, gray, chevron, brooch, pink, pearl, gold, swarovski, corsage.

Pink & Leopard Couture Clip-leopard, cheetah, brown, gold, pink, flower, satin, feather

Shades of Purple Headband-purple, headband, grey, lavender, satin, cotton

I hope you have a great week!

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