My Top Post of 2012 & Some Christmas Photos

As 2012 comes to an end I thought it would be fun to look back at my blog posts that got the most hits this year.  Most of the hits came from Pinterest - thanks to everyone that Pinned my blog posts or shared them on Facebook!

The post with the most hits was.............

1) Salt & Vinegar Roasted Chick Peas - This is one of my favorite simple snacks and when I shared it I was shocked at how popular it was, within a couple months it was pinned over 1,000 times.  For my little blog that is a big deal!

3) Roasted Chick Peas - I posted this before the Salt & Vinegar version and although it got a lot of hits, it was beat out by the salt & vnegar version.

4)  Out of Alabaster Home Tour - Fellow blogger, Lindsey, let me share a tour of her beautiful home and it turns out everyone else loved it as much as I did.

5) My Shabby Dresser Makeover - Anytime I share something I've painted it makes me a bit nervous, wondering if people will hate it.  But when people actually like what you've done, it feels great!

6) My Coffee Filter Experience - What I've Learned!

7) The Story of My Mantle - This is hands down my post favorite large piece in my house and I was thrilled to find out that you loved it too!

8) My Dinning Room Before & After - I've actually changed so much just since this post, I should update it.

9) A Visit From the Mad Hatter - just a little fun & whimsy!

10)  Felicity's Easter Tea Party - I can't wait for what fun parties 2013 will bring around our house!

Just a few pics from our Christmas!

 Felicity was big enough this year to really get all into it and it made it so much fun...

We had our first Christmas at my mom's  house and took this picture together - Felicity had the cutest little skirt to wear over her leggings but the little stinker refused to wear it.  (I love my mom, but as you can see, Christmas tree decorating isn't really her thing)

On the other hand, she can put together a really cute Christmas village.....

When I showed my Christmas Home Tour I forgot to include a pic of the front door with the wreath I made, so here it is - it's nothing fancy but I like it.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a fantastic year!

My Christmas Home Tour

Hello, hello, please come on in and let me show you around!
This is the first year that Felicity has been big enough to help me decorate for Christmas and it has made it so much for fun this year having her there helping me, getting excited about everything we pulled out of the box and then running around the house searching for the perfect place to put each piece....

I love my Christmas tree full of both new ornaments we've been given each year as gifts and my vintage ornaments that were my Nanny's and Great-Grandmother's.
The pink ball with the silver Christmas trees is one of my favorite old ornaments that was my Nanny's...

and this pink stork is one of my favorite new ones.  This was a gift when I was pregnant with Felicity at Christmas in 3 years ago.

The tree topper was also my Nanny's that she has had forever, there is no telling how old it is and it's so skinny and delicate at the top I'm always scared every year that when I unwrap it from it's padded box that I will find it broken, and then each year when I pull it out intact I breathe a sigh of relief.

My Nanny also made these Christmas carolers which I LOVE.  

*Yes, we have a television in the living room and unlike most bloggers I don't try to hide it when I take photos of my house  =)

Felicity and I had fun gathering lots of greenery from trees in our area to spruce up the house for the season.

These brooches will eventually be made into hair pieces, but until then I thought I would enjoy looking at them!

The elves you see here and there were also made by my Nanny and were always out in her house when I was growing up, I love that Felicity now gets to grow up with them!

Last, here a  couple of night-time photos.....

Thanks for stopping by!

FYI: If you need an order delivered by Christmas you will need to place it by midnight, December 16th!
Thanks, Pamela

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Outdoor Collecting

Felicity and I love going outside and collecting things from mother nature to bring inside to brighten up the house. 

For some Christmas fresh greenery we went down the road and found some great evergreen trees on a fence line that we got a bunch of clipping from to bring home.  

I love the the look the greenery adds to our Christmas decor and the fresh smell.... of course the best part is it's free!  

We stuffed pieces of greenery here and there and everywhere....

The only problem has been trying to keep Felicity's kitten out of the stuff, she loves to jump up and play with it and has drug a couple pieces down onto the floor.

I'm still finding all sorts of fun decorative uses for our pecans as well.  We have picked pecans off the ground this year until I am so sick of the things!  I send Felicity out with a basket and she loves hunting for them and picking them up, I think it's as fun as hunting for Easter Eggs for her!

I am going to finish getting photos edited and I'll have a full Christmas tour of our house posted soon!

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Also, I just had to share a few photos I took when we were at my grandparent's home on Thanksgiving....

Felicity & her Daddy looking at cows and Lamas

Papa feeding a struggling calf while its mother looks on.

Of course, we had to put Felicity's hair bow on the calf and get a picture.  We are just certain that livestock accessories will be the next big thing, so we want to stay ahead of the game!

-Have a great week!

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