Redoing the Kitchen Cabinets { & the whole kitchen for that matter }

We have been hard at work on our 1970something model kitchen.  As with all projects we do Felicity loves to get right up in the middle of it and make sure Mommy & Daddy are doing it right.

Seeing our new kitchen come together and working side-by-side creating and building something with my best friend (who I happen to be married to) has been amazingly rewarding and fun at times and then extremely stressful at other times.

My husband and I see things so differently, so it makes things interesting.

For example: He doesn't understand why we spent so much redoing our cabinets and painting them perfectly just so I could go back through and "ruin them".  

I try to explain, 

"I'm not ruining them - I am distressing them and making them beautiful!"

(I'm sanding down to the wood here and there in spots and also using Valspar's antique glaze)

There's a lot of give and take involved. 

He agreed to let me "ruin / distress" the cabinets if I agreed to not paint them turquoise like I originally wanted.  We compromised on doing the bottom half brown and the top half white.

Once the cabinets are finished we will move onto finishing the counters, back splash, and putting in a new window and sink as well as finishing up some other little details.

Random Painting Tip:  
Okay, a lot of you will probably already know this but I'm always surprised at how many people don't realize this.  If you need to take a break while painting you don't have to wash out all your brushes to keep them from drying out.  Instead, just put them in a ziplock bag and the paint won't dry.  I've left brushes covered in paint in a bag for hours and came back later to pick them up and start right where I left off.

Well, now I'm off to go package up some orders to send out, but before I go I must show you a couple of new pictures of some new headbands.

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Have a great day!

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  1. Good luck on your kitchen redo! My husband and I have some conflicting thoughts about things like that also. :) I usually can convince him that my way is best. :) He couldn't understand why I wanted to make over our laundry room...which I haven't posted yet..but now he really likes it, too. :)
    I love your little helper!

  2. Good Luck! Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. At least he's willing to compromise with you! That's what's most important! I'm sure it will look beautiful when you are done!


  4. Love the paint brush tip! Thanks for sharing!

  5. If there's one thing I've learnt in nearly 30 yrs of marriage, it's about give and take. And it's so important to work together and discuss processes before carrying them out. Men in general have very different ideas to women and discussing things before tackling them makes for a smoother process and a happier marriage....:)

  6. Hubby and I went through the same "distressed" situation. Now that the cabinets have been distressed he loves them. Good luck with your redo. I'm sure it will be terrific.

  7. Thank you for the paint brush tip! I have been trying to tackle the project of redoing our kitchen cabinets for over a year now, when I finally get around to it I'll be sure to keep that tip in mind.

  8. Haha, the beauty of two different personalities.:)

  9. The kitchen looks like a whole lot of work but the pay off will be spectacular. As for those headbands - ADORABLE- as is your sweet little model. Too pretty for words. :D Thanks for sharing this week on BeColorful.

  10. It such a happy thing and inspiring to work with your family. I think the result of that kitchen will be great.

  11. With family that stays together this will finish soon.

  12. Good luck! I found some great handmade cabinet knobs that i thought I might share.

  13. An admirable family uniting to finish the kitchen.

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