A Few New/Old Things....

I love finding a place for new (old) treasures in my home....
I rarely ever go shopping looking for something to go in a specific area and I do not have any particular theme, colors or style I abide by in my home. 

 I just create and buy what I like then I worry later about where it will go.  

A little while back I bought this set of wrapped up shabby books at a craft show from the owner of the Etsy shop Shell's Vintage Charm and I am in love with them - I keep moving them around to different areas until I find their permanent home within my home.

I was recently digging through things at an old junk store in town when I uncovered these old lidded mason jars.  They have become the perfect place to store extra lace remnants and embroidery floss that I rarely use.

(the blue heaven platter on the right of the photo was my Great-Grandmother's - I have a couple of them and love putting them out about the house)

I've also been having fun bringing in all kinds of beautiful green tree, bush and flower clippings.  I love the fall weather that is coming soon, but I dread not being able to walk out in the yard and find brightly colored green things to bring inside.

Oh, and the chair on the right is new (but actually old) from Goodwill and is undergoing an almost finished makeover that I will be showing soon.

And I have to share this - My husband recently got one of those little children's seats that attaches to the back of his bicycle and Felicity loves it!
I didn't even know they made these anymore until we found it at Wal Mart.  Being a very protective Momma it made me very nervous at first.  When they rode off I just knew her seat would fall off or they would have some kind of wreck, but I'm learning to let go, relax and try to let her have fun.... even though my stomach does still knot up a little bit every time they ride off.

....and of course I can't forget to plug my shop and the new things that are in it as well.
Tiger Brown Baby Headband-tiger print, animal print, brown, glitter, newborn
Glittery Tiger Newborn Headband

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"Love Set Free" Brooch

Satin & Glitter Leopard Headband-Leopard print, brown, glitter ,headband, baby, satin, cheetah
Satin & Glitter Cheetah Headband

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  1. I remember our daughter riding in one of those seats. So fun!

  2. Old treasures are great but sentimental old treasures like your great grandmother's platter are simply priceless!

    1. Yes, they certainly are - I'm very lucky to have them.

  3. Great post. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  4. You have inspired me to get out some of my grandmother's things I have stored away for safe keeping. I need to get them out and enjoy them! Thank you! :)

  5. I love that you are preserving memories by using family heirlooms in your home.

  6. Sentimental treasures are unmatched, I have so many from my Mom, and every time I see them or sit in them it bring me back close to her. Love the books, and I'd sure be nervous to see sweet baby on the back of that bike! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success


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