{ Food Friday } What we ate at Felicity's Easter Tea Party

I'll have all the decor pics from Felicity's Easter Tea Party she hosted last weekend on the blog tomorrow, but today for Food Friday, I thought I would go ahead and share the food from the party....

This is the cake from Felicity's Easter Tea Party....
It was super simple but so cute!  Just a basic cake covered in dyed coconut flakes to look like grass (someone else did that part, because I am completely incapable of baking) and then I topped it off with a chocolate bunny and Easter egg malt balls. 

At the end of the party we turned the bunny into fondue!
The girls love dipping fruit into the chocolate fondue and they all liked helping make it.

Here's how we make it...
1) Shatter up your chocolate into pieces
2) Bring a small amount of whipping cream or milk to a boil (this bunny was hollow so there wasn't a whole lot of chocolate so I just did a little under 1/8 cup of milk)
3) Soon as it comes to a boil throw in the chocolate and mix for about 4-5 seconds with the heat still on.
4) Turn heat completely off and continue to mix until the chocolate is completely melted.

One of my creative Nieces even had the idea of putting chocolate on the leftover lemons we had from the tea and it was actually delicious!

My nephew was kind enough to make these wonderful scones to send over for our tea party.  They were delicious!  I don't have the recipe he used for these particular ones but I know you can find all kinds of scone recipes online.

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  1. That cake is darling!!
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    I am having my second blog & shop hop on this coming monday (April 16th) - please join in if you are able.

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