Paper & Tea

I've been absent from blogging recently while getting ready for Felicity's birthday party (which we had today) and working on a bunch of orders, but I wanted to share these cute pics.  A few days ago while Felicity was napping I decided to go through some of my paper stash, while treating myself to what I thought, was a much deserved afternoon snack 

(I had been working frantically hard that morning finishing up some orders that had to get to the post office by noon, while keeping Felicity entertained at the same time.  Trust me, it's much more difficult than it sounds - especially since her favorite new game is, "Try to get to the hot glue gun before Momma can stop me").

I was trying to find some paper to make Felicity a party hat for her birthday party. 

 It's been a while since I pulled it all out and once I did I found so many gorgeous patterns and colors I forgot I ever even had. I immediately had to get my camera and snap some pictures of all the beautifullness ( I don't think that's really a word in the real world, but in my world it is).

How awesome would it be to have the job of designing all these beautiful papers for a living!  

Just looking at all of them is so inspiring.  I love sorting through the sheets, moving different prints side by side and seeing all the interesting combinations together.

Looking at all the prints immediately makes me want to pull out some scissors, glue & glitter and create something fun and colorful.

This is one of my favorite papers I found... I don't even remember buying this, but I'm certainly glad I did.

Even though I'm a paper hoarder I never did find anything just right for my baby girl's party hat, so I ended up just making a lace tiara/crown instead.  However, I did pull out all the papers below to use for a little something I want to make for my dinning room.  

Being the klutz I am, I ended up spilling tea, but only one sheet was injured....

Oh, and my snack is one of my new favorite treats.... A banana & wholegrain toast topped with Nutella and black tea with a bit of milk - it's awesome and somewhat healthy, I guess.

Felicity had a Vintage Inspired colorful and animal print theme party for her 2nd birthday today.  I cannot believe she is already two!  I will have pics to share from her party this week.


  1. Such pretty paper!! I wish I was creative enough to do something as awesome as making paper lovely like that!! Where did you buy the paper? I have the hardest time finding vintage looking or pretty paper like that where I live!

    Your post was featured in my Monday Bytes favorite posts of the week!! Check it out here and grab a badge if you want!


  2. i have that polka dot paper! Love it!

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