A Date with Kettle Popcorn & Fruity Tea

I have a confession to make.

Even though I try to eat healthy,  here lately my breakfast has become a special, solitary retreat, to indulge my craving for my new favorite snack: Kettle Popcorn & Fruit Tea. 
I am embarrassed to admit it, but for the last 10 days straight I have eaten a small bag of the stuff every single morning!

I am addicted.

It's not just the taste of the sweet popcorn and fruity tea I enjoy, but also the routine of knowing I will get to relax and enjoy something I love, for 10 minutes or so.......  
......in a quiet room.
First thing in the morning I pop my kettle popcorn and heat up my fruity tea and set at my desk to check my e-mail, my blog & facebook and what not before Felicity wakes up.  It has become a morning ritual that I look forward to.  

It's a morning date with myself.
Just me at my desk...... with the popcorn, the warm tea & some pretty fresh flowers from the yard.

As I enjoy my morning routing, I know my alone time will likely be interrupted before long.
Felicity will come running into the dinning room (where my desk is) and climb up in her booster seat ready for breakfast soon.
On this particular morning I wasn't fast enough with her breakfast so she just decided to climb up onto the table and try to eat a fake pear.

It's funny to me how the simplest little indulgence can become something to look forward to.  I never would have thought that 10 minutes alone with a bowl of kettle popcorn and tea would be something I would lay in bed looking forward to - but I do.  

As I'm sitting here savoring the last of the tea and kettle corn crumbs,  I usually hear the sound of the bedroom door slowly creaking open.  
It's funny because at first I think, "darn, my time is up", but then, the instant I see the beautiful little smiling face of my baby girl come prancing into the room I don't mind the interruption.
  I'm happy and ready to start my day with her.


  1. I love the sparkly twinkle light addition to your photos above - so cute!
    Are you not having the Monday Blog Party every Monday? I don't want to miss any.

    1. I will have it back going again next week but we were gone this weekend celebrating my husband's birthday and I was never able to get everything together for it and hated to start it once the day was already half over.

  2. Love LOVE kettle corn!! Looks delicious!!

  3. So Sweet! (the story and the kettle corn ;)

  4. Mmmmm, I'm a kettle corn lover too. Never tried fruit tea tho...sounds good. I'm a new follower from the May Day Follower Fest.


  5. I love kettle corn! I could seriously eat bags and bags of it - it's terrible! I'm glad you have that solace and quiet time in the morning.

    Oh, and I just LOVE your blog layout! Really pretty and so well-designed.

  6. Kettle corn is my fav! Well popcorn is my fav lol Thanks for sharing this on the naturally-nifty party!

  7. I am my favorite person to go out with:) LOL A little alone time, especially for a Mom, is precious indeed!

  8. Solitary time is so energizing in small doses. Good for you for taking that time for yourself. Enjoy. Thanks for sharing your little reveal on BeColorful this week.

  9. Kettle Corn and 10 minutes of alone time!! Sounds wonderful! :) We hope to see you back next week to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Thanks for coming!! -The Sisters

  10. Kettle corn, YUM! New Follower
    Thanks for sharing at our Sunday Round Up.

  11. I love this sweet post about enjoying that alone time!

    I just wanted to let you know that we featured this at our Naturally-Nifty Party this week! Stop by and grab a button and link up some stuff at this week's party!

    Also, we are pinning this to our Pinterest boards!
    Thanks for linking up!


  12. Great combo! I'd love for you to add it on my link party at: http://printabelle.com/?p=3188 Thanks!


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