Glam up a Dry Erase Board....

Every time my nieces come by they always want to help me make something. 

 They think of my house as the place to come "Do crafty things" or have tea parties. 

 I love that because I hope maybe when they are grown they will be able to look back and remember fun times at Aunt Pamela's house.

One of the little girls was spending the afternoon with me this summer and was asking if she could paint something.  

So I went scurrying about the house trying to find something she could paint when I remembered this old dry erase board the previous owners had left behind in the kitchen.

We tapped paper towels over the actual dry erase board and I let her lose with some pink paint.

After she was done it stayed in the garage for a while and a few nights ago I finish decorating it (my niece had went back home to another state so unfortunately she wasn't there to help).

I used Valspar Antiquing Glaze to fill in the little line on the frame and streaked some here and there on the frame and rubbed it down.

Then I just glued a black boa around the outside and topped it off with a quick bow.

I thought it was pretty cute considering it was FREE!  
*didn't have to buy the actual erase board and everything used in decorating it was leftover from other projects)

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I'm off to get to work, have a great day!


  1. That is such a great idea! My kids would love that project!

    Please consider linking up to our weekly photo friday blog hop- any photos are a go!

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