4th of July Wreath & Newborn Kittens

I've been working on 4th of July hair bows, which has resulted in red, white & blue ribbon scraps all over the place, so I decided to gather some up and make a quick, simple 4th of July wreath.

I had this wreath below leftover from Spring....

I took out all the "Springy" stuff (leaving just the greenery on it) and got some of this red mesh that had been stuffed in the closet since I took it off the Valentine's Day Tree....

Then we wrapped the red mesh around the wreath, securing it in a couple place with wire,
then I stuffed in a few red flowers.

Last, I topped it off with a simple red, white & blue bow and a little $1 flag from the dollar store.

When I hung it on the door, Felicity exclaimed, "Oh Momma, that's beautiful.... I'm sooooo proud of you!"

As I said, we've also been working on 4th of July hair bows, lots and lots of bows.....

But our biggest news around the house this week is this.....

Our Momma cat went into labor last night, it is her first litter, and she really didn't know what to do.  She actually tried to give birth in my lap!  Finally I managed to get her off my lap and she ended up having them in our bedroom, just right out in the open, which of course, is unusual for cats.

We have 3 bob tails and 2 with tails - Felicity is in love with all of them.  

All of the cats except one already have homes waiting for them when they are weaned..... I don't know what Felicity will do when she realizes they are leaving.  We might let her keep one to make giving the others up easier.

I just got this photo of Felicity and I uploaded and edited, it was taken last month and I love it because with me being the one taking the photos, there's rarely ever a decent photo of the two of us together.

Last, here's a picture of a sweet little girl modeling one of our vintage headband styles!


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  1. What a wonderful wreath!

    I would love for you to link up at the Mommy Archive - we're focusing on July 4th this week, Alice x

  2. Oh my goodness, those little kittens are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!! I love the idea of letting her keep one :)

  3. This post is just oozing with cute and pretty! I am just swooning over this wreath! I am so over the yarn wreaths, it's great to see a beautiful alternative! New follower!

  4. Beautiful wreath! Roses really speak of summer. Great use of scrapes to make something lovely!

  5. Adorable little girls! New to your blog. Please have your mama cat and any kittens you keep spayed or neutered. Also, have the kittens you give away fixed before you send them off to their new homes.

  6. I can't believe mamma cat tried to give birth on your lap. How touching. The kittens are adorable! Hugs, Holly

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