Our Square Foot Garden

Our backyard has become my getaway this summer.  When I'm stressed and feel overwhelmed I can go outside and admire my new garden and I'm instantly happy!

Our garden has become not only my favorite spot, but one f Felicity's favorite places to spend time this summer as well, it seems like we are constantly out here working and playing.

We built two beds and filled them with about 60% soil and 40% compost.  

We have used the square foot gardening method.  It allows you to grow a ton of food in a small space, and so far it seems to be working great for us.

We ended up with a couple extra tomato and watermelon plants than we had room for in the raised beds, so we put a few things in the ground as well.

Felicity LOVES the garden and helps work in it everyday.  I'm so happy for this and love all that she is learning every day by watching the seeds she planted grow up!

Right now we have planted: 
100 bush beans - 32 pole beans - 4 cucumbers - 3 butternut squash - 8 sweet potato slips - 5 tomatoes - 3 banana peppers - 3 cayenne peppers - 1 bell pepper - 3 eggplants - 2 basils - 1 dill - 2 mints - 4 canteloupes - 4 watermelons and a few flowers..... 

Taking care of it everyday has been a lot of work, but I actually enjoy it a great deal, it's wonderful being outside when the sun is coming up or going down, and exciting running outside first thing every morning with Felicity to see the latest developments....

baby Roma tomatoes that appear overnight....

Cucumbers that seem to double in size every night....

Adorable little arms that shoot out from bean, cucumber, & butternut squash vines and reach out and grip tightly onto anything they can find.

and creatures.... oh, all the creatures!  Some good and some bad, but we are managing to live in harmony with them all and let nature take care of things herself.

You can google "square foot gardening" and find lots of resources to start growing, there are also some great books.  It takes a lot of planning, but it's worth it!

I'll keep updating about our gardening project through the summer.  Can't wait to see what happens as things continue to grow and change!
Felicity and I would like to wish all of our readers in the U.S. a very happy Independence Day!

There's also some new things in the shop, 
Above is Felicity modeling our new petti rompers and colorful headband style.

..... and here is another beautiful little girl modeling our top hat fascinators.
Mad Hatter Pink Top Hat Fascinator-pink, black, top hat, mad hatter, alice in wonderland, glitter

Have a great week!


  1. Looks beautiful, I am SO jealous! There is absolutely no way to have any sort of garden, even pots at our current apartment, and I cannot wait to move to a place where I can plant some veggies. I am a terrible gardener, but I like to try :) Fresh tomatoes are just the best!

  2. Love your garden. Those pickles are getting so close to eating time =)

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week,


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