Bringing the Outdoors in......

Gathering little pieces of nature from the outdoors to bring inside is something I love.

I know you can buy lots of beautiful fresh flowers in the store, but that just isn't as fun to me as picking wildflowers from the fields and gathering acorns and pecans from the trees myself.

I've been anxiously awaiting the bounty of pecans from our trees. 


The squirrels have already been swiping them, but there are plenty so I'm happy to share.

Some have already begun to fall but they are not ready to eat yet, although they do look cute in little dishes on the mantle.

Am I the only person that stops my car on the side of the road to pick flowers & weeds?

Lots and lots of beautiful Solidago is growing along the fence lines down the road.  About once a week I stop and cut a bunch to bring home.

The road sides and fields are also full of straw and dainty white flowers that I bring home when I can.

It all looks wonderful and "Fallish" (probably not a real word) in vases and jars together.

My sister and I were driving down the road yesterday when I spotted gigantic horse apples in the ditch. 

I hollered STOP!

I got out to gather some to bring home for the mantle while my sister sat in the car shaking her head at me telling me to hurry up before someone saw us.  

Unfortunately the horse apples were all rotten on the bottom.  So I managed to talk my sister who is taller than me to help get some from the tree.  She did it under protest.  

She thinks I'm crazy and doesn't share my love of roadside gathering.

We managed to get a couple.

They look cute in the house.

I stuck one on my living room chest next to the little thing I fixed up with some lace and some straw I gathered from the roadside last week.

In addition to our pecan trees, we have a large tree that's been dropping acorns.  Felicity loves going out and helping search for the ones that still have their cute tops on them.

 We filled up this cute crystal glass this week.  Now we will have to find another place to start putting them.

I just got all my Fall decorating done today and am hoping to get pictures edited and post them all later in the week.

We also added a couple new hair bows to the shop.

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  1. I too love decorating with things found along roadsides and often ask hubby to STOP . . . PULL OVER . . . so I can grab something. I just did a post on hedge apples -- we have a bunch on a stretch of road near us and I've gathered two large bags already to use inside!

  2. Gathering "ditch flowers" is something I've done forever. They are beautiful and free. Blooming now are black-eyed Susans, Goldenrod and various puurples and whites...so beautiful in a bouquet.

  3. I've never stopped to pick wild flowers and weeds but I've been so tempted:) Yours look just beautiful!

  4. That is something I also love to do, though I haven't find any hedge apples, they are so cute!

  5. I've stopped before especially on trips where I see things I don't have down here in Florida. Those horse apples are amazing as are all the other natural treasures you amassed. Your sister will come around. It's inevitable. These things are addicting. :)

  6. I picked up some bios d' arc fruits myself today. ( horse apples). I, too, am a side-of-the-road stopper:)

  7. Sometimes the best decorations are natural!

    Hitchcockesque blog

  8. Love your decorations! Nothing better then walking outside for them.
    Thanks for linking up

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  10. I'd like to invite you to join me at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week! http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2012/11/clever-chicks-blog-hop-8-turkey.html

    I hope to see you there!
    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  11. Often it is the natural of decorating your homes that makes things interesting and splendid.


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