The Mysterious Pumpkin Patch

The most odd thing has been happening in front of my sister's house....

These large vines with squash-like leaves have been growing all summer and we have wondered what in the world it was.  What could be growing astoundingly fast with no human care... 

no seeds ever planted, no watering, no fertilizing....

... then one day, peaking out from underneath the sprawling leaves were pumpkins!

The mystery of course was that she has never planted pumpkins - NEVER!

So what triggered the growth of these beauties?  

Well last year after Halloween she threw her dying shriveling jack-o-lantern over the side of her porch.  

Apparently, that one little pumpkin from last Halloween has produced an amazing little pumpkin patch that has tended itself and is now producing rapidly growing green orbs!

It's a wonderful reminder of just how amazing Mother Nature is when we stay out of her business, leave her alone and allow her to do her own thing.

I think I'm more excited about these cute little guys than my sister.  I am hoping enough of them make it to maturity that I can swipe a couple to decorate with Felicity.

While we wait, Felicity and I have been finding plenty of things to keep us busy!
I spent half a day doing something I despise... Dusting!  I went through the whole house and dusted every square inch: baseboards, shelves, electronics - everything.  I was quite proud when I was done.

I finally took down the little canopy tent I had constructed for Felicity's Mad Tea Party and organized all her clothes, getting ready for Fall and Winter.

Oh, and I got to babysit my sister's new puppy!

Her name is Lilly and she's a Chiweannie (no clue if I spelled that right or not).

And before I go I must show you this sweet new picture added to my site of a little angel wearing one our Pearl White Feather Headbands
(Photo by Lil Bit of Photography in Lenapah, Oklahoma)
I never get tired of seeing pictures of little cuties wearing things I've made.  

I took Felicity out to try and get some good new pictures of our Leopard Glitter Headband....  
Satin & Glitter Leopard Headband-Leopard print, brown, glitter ,headband, baby, satin, cheetah
I couldn't really get a great pic because it was too windy and it made her hair wild, but this one was okay.  She had fun picking flowers (weeds) and bringing them all back home.

Anyway, I need to go get to work.  So many fun Fall shows coming up including "An Affair of the Heart" in Tulsa, OK and I'm no where near prepared at this point.



  1. What a wonderful post, so full of great subjects. Where can a person start to tell you I love it all. Of course you know your little girl is precious and adorable. Your sister's puppy is so sweet. Never heard of that combo but she's sure a cutie.
    Isn't that wonderful having the pumpkins growing right by her porch?
    When we bought our place the only tree we had by way out in back by the neighbors fence. Not much help to shade our house. A couple years ago we had small elm trees sprouting right along our front fence and now we have 3 of them which we didn't plant. Mother Nature must have known we needed some trees. Alot doesn't grow in our ground due to way too much alcali but those trees are doing well and now we have a few more trees sprouting in back yard closer to the house. Thanks Mother Nature.
    We do have alot of wind out here as we're at top of a hill. It's great when I want my laundry to dry.
    Your headband is so pretty, almost as pretty as the model. Tks for sharing all of it.

  2. Ooh, right there with you on the dusting. It's just so never endind! That is so cool about the pumpkins. Please keep us posted on the final outcome. I'm glad your sister opted to let them grow and see what was growing. Thanks for sharing, too.

  3. What an awesome surprise! My dad used to grow us a pumpkin patch every year when I was little and it was like a treasure hunt finding all the pumpkins hidden.

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