My Christmas Home Tour

Hello, hello, please come on in and let me show you around!
This is the first year that Felicity has been big enough to help me decorate for Christmas and it has made it so much for fun this year having her there helping me, getting excited about everything we pulled out of the box and then running around the house searching for the perfect place to put each piece....

I love my Christmas tree full of both new ornaments we've been given each year as gifts and my vintage ornaments that were my Nanny's and Great-Grandmother's.
The pink ball with the silver Christmas trees is one of my favorite old ornaments that was my Nanny's...

and this pink stork is one of my favorite new ones.  This was a gift when I was pregnant with Felicity at Christmas in 3 years ago.

The tree topper was also my Nanny's that she has had forever, there is no telling how old it is and it's so skinny and delicate at the top I'm always scared every year that when I unwrap it from it's padded box that I will find it broken, and then each year when I pull it out intact I breathe a sigh of relief.

My Nanny also made these Christmas carolers which I LOVE.  

*Yes, we have a television in the living room and unlike most bloggers I don't try to hide it when I take photos of my house  =)

Felicity and I had fun gathering lots of greenery from trees in our area to spruce up the house for the season.

These brooches will eventually be made into hair pieces, but until then I thought I would enjoy looking at them!

The elves you see here and there were also made by my Nanny and were always out in her house when I was growing up, I love that Felicity now gets to grow up with them!

Last, here a  couple of night-time photos.....

Thanks for stopping by!

FYI: If you need an order delivered by Christmas you will need to place it by midnight, December 16th!
Thanks, Pamela

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  1. I just placed my order for a couple headbands so hopefully I will have it in plenty of time for Christmas.

    1. You should have it in 2-3 days, thanks you and have a great Christmas!

  2. Oh, and your house looks fabulous!

  3. Your home looks wonderful for the holidays. We spent weeks preparing for the family to come. I installed laminate flooring in the kitchen, painted the living room and updated the door knobs and outlet covers Then we decorated with a theme of stars and snowflakes.

  4. It looks very festive at your house. Ornaments with memories attached are the best ones, aren't they?

    1. They really are the best by far, it's so fun to think of making new memories with them now with my own child too!

  5. Oh, everything is so beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Love all of the greenery! Everything looks so lovely!!


  7. What wonderful memories are contained in some of your decorations! I hope every family has the same. Decorating using much loved items that have special meaning to us brings that much more joy, and sometimes wistfulness too, into our lives. I also keep my t.v. on my front room mantle/mantel but it's not a gigantic one - only 19" - but there's just me in the house to watch it and I'm fine with that size. So, it doesn't eat up a lot of the mantle/mantel and I just decorate around it. I love your idea of using nuts in a pretty glass to act as a candle holder, and your use of the pretty brooches to add extra glitter to your decorations. I hang a few favorite pieces of jewelry on my tree, and guests often zero right in on them. This is the first year I used the resources growing right outside my front and back doors -- a giant juniper bush out back and overgrown Mugo pines out front -- plus barberry branches with the red berries still attached to them (actually, I used some barberry last year but this year I clipped a lot more, being very careful of the thorns). Nothing better than free, and the juniper has filled the house with its scent. I think your decorated front room is beautiful and redolent of Christmas.

  8. thank you for sharing your warm and inviting holiday home!

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