Vintage Ornament Centerpiece

I cannot believe this will be Felicity's third Christmas!  This silly photo below was taken on her first Christmas and is still one of my favorite pictures of her....

Now this year she seems so big, running around helping me decorate the tree!

I hope we can make Christmas decorating together a tradition that will last as long as possible.

I also hope I can pass on to her my love of my vintage and antique pieces, like my grandmother's old Christmas ornaments.

We used some of my old ornaments to make a simple little centerpiece for the dinning room table this year.

Every year when I pull out these old pieces I feel so nostalgic, remembering always seeing these on my Nanny's tree as a kid... this year I actually shed a few tears, I'm a sap like that sometimes.

I wish I could say the silver tray I used for the centerpiece was some old family piece passed down, but it actually came from Goodwill.  I paid a couple of dollars for it and it's one of my favorite Goodwill finds ever.

I love how the little flame of a candle suddenly makes everything so elegant!

Unfortunately our candles never stay lit long, because as soon as Felicity notices they are burning she blows them out  =)

We've fancied up the rest of the house for Christmas and I really love how it looks.  As soon as I get pictures finished of it all I will post them.

Also, you can still use the temporary discount code for our store www.InspiredByFelicity.com and all orders at this point are still guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

Felicity & I made these balsamic roasted Portabella Mushrooms from Good Life Eats yesterday for lunch and they were delicious!  I think I will be making them regularly now.
balsamic roasted portabella mushrooms

They are super quick, easy, healthy & even Felicity loves them - you can't beat that.


  1. Well, from one fellow sap to another...... love your tree and your precious sweetie is just darling. You are creating memories she will have for a lifetime. Love the ornaments and the candles.. great idea! xo marlis

    1. Thank you - I hope she will always remember these things!

  2. One blink of your eyes and she will be twenty something!!!! Enjoy every second of every day with her!!!!

    1. I try to, but it's already flying by so fast it's crazy.

  3. Adorable baby that has grown into a beautiful little girl. This is also my oldest's 3rd Christmas. I can't believe how the time flies. I hope to keep our holiday traditions going strong too so that our children can always look back fondly.


    1. Thank you - I think she is quite beautiful but I know I have a bit of a bias =)

  4. What a precious little one! I know you two are going to have fun decorating your Christmas trees each year, and it's a sweet thought to teach her to appreciate the sentiment that is attached to these special ornaments. Thanks for sharing.........Sarah

    1. Thank you for stopping by - I hope to do everything I can for her to appreciate things like this.

  5. I'm a new linky follower! I'm excited to stop by and see your cute ornament centerpiece. Feel free to follow back



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