Outdoor Collecting

Felicity and I love going outside and collecting things from mother nature to bring inside to brighten up the house. 

For some Christmas fresh greenery we went down the road and found some great evergreen trees on a fence line that we got a bunch of clipping from to bring home.  

I love the the look the greenery adds to our Christmas decor and the fresh smell.... of course the best part is it's free!  

We stuffed pieces of greenery here and there and everywhere....

The only problem has been trying to keep Felicity's kitten out of the stuff, she loves to jump up and play with it and has drug a couple pieces down onto the floor.

I'm still finding all sorts of fun decorative uses for our pecans as well.  We have picked pecans off the ground this year until I am so sick of the things!  I send Felicity out with a basket and she loves hunting for them and picking them up, I think it's as fun as hunting for Easter Eggs for her!

I am going to finish getting photos edited and I'll have a full Christmas tour of our house posted soon!

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The Alliday Show

I will have a booth at the AlliDay show this Saturday - come see me!

Also, I just had to share a few photos I took when we were at my grandparent's home on Thanksgiving....

Felicity & her Daddy looking at cows and Lamas

Papa feeding a struggling calf while its mother looks on.

Of course, we had to put Felicity's hair bow on the calf and get a picture.  We are just certain that livestock accessories will be the next big thing, so we want to stay ahead of the game!

-Have a great week!


  1. I love the bow on the cow!

  2. Thanks - I'm sure it will catch on soon... LOL!

  3. I love out door collecting too. I love free. Exspecially if someone is throwing it away. Great job and your daughter is beautiful.


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