Food Friday - Reese's Banana & Rolled Eggs

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Now onto Food Friday where I love to feature awesome food find that are always easy to prepare and at least "somewhat" healthy.

When I saw these Frozen Reese's Bananas on RealSimple I had to try them immediately and I was not disappointed.  It's so easy:
1)Cut banana in half and freeze  2)Chop up some Reese's and freeze them too 3)then take the banana out of freezer and dip it in melted chocolate (I used some cheap baker's chocolate) and then immediately cover in the chopped up frozen Reese's  4) Set out on parchment until the chocolate has gotten firm

This week I also found this Rolled Egg & Spinach Omlet on Martha Stewart's website.  It looks super healthy, delicious and simple enough to make.  I will certainly be trying it soon.  Click Here to get the recipe.

Last, I can't resist sharing this pic of my mom's 6 months old Boxer - his name is Harley.

As my Mom said when she posted this pic on Facebook, "Harley spent the day at the Vet's office & he is now pouting because he will never be a Father."  Harley is a good dog, as are most Boxers.  We had two when I was in high school and they were both really lovable, goofy dogs. 

Coming up over the next few days: Pics of my house decorated for Valentine's Day & Super Simple, Cheap & Adorable Handmade Valentine's Day Cards


  1. The frozen Reese's bananas looks delicious. I will have to make those for my 2 little ones. Thanks for following me at http://www.lovingmycircleoffriends.blogspot.com


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