Saturday Home Showcase - Martha Stewart

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Now to the Saturday Home Showcase.  This Saturday I wanted to showcase the home of someone whose magazines I've read and shows I've watched since I was a young teenager  - Martha Stewart.

Martha has a few different homes and you can see tours of all of them at http://www.marthastewart.com/ - On her website you can also read her blog which I check regularly to learn about her gardens and projects and other things that often inspire me to work on my own home.

I love how she keeps all these cooking utensils out and handy in multiple containers that are all different but still tie together because they are the same color.

Love that these bar stools are different sizes - I like the interesting look it creates.

This is actually a vintage Dentrist medical tool case!  It looks so cool with the crystal knobs.  This is from an old appartment of Martha's in New York City.

This is Martha's fabuous craft room in one of her homes - it would be my dream to have a craft room like this in home.
LOVE these plants and Martha's beautiful cat!

Is this a beautiful garden or what?  Of course you would expect nothing less from Martha's garden.

Coming up over the next couple days I will share some projects and tutorials for things I've been working on for Valentine's Day.

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  1. I just taken a tour of you different home via your photos. I love them all. I am your newest follower via GFC. I found you at MBC. I'd be glad if you follow back with a comment at http://beauty-hive.blogspot.com. Tnx!


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