Bathroom Ideas

Woke up this morning to discover my left eye is swollen almost completely shut (I have pretty bad allergies in my eyes that flare up from time to time) - fun!  Anyway, We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom and it's pretty much done except for some details.  I've been working on decorating my bathroom and thought I'd share part of it (I will have full before and after pics up soon).

I like my mouthwash to be out and handy but hate looking at the bottles so I always keep my mouthwash in pretty glass containers.  I did have a candle on the pink candle holder but decided to put my facial cleanser on it instead and the painted glass bowl is a treasure I love that my Nanny gave me, I have it filled with cottonballs and q-tips. 

Here are a couple of other people's bathroom ideas I absolutely LOVE.

Two different mirrors is genuis!  This came from The Nester

I think having old mirrors all around the bathroom is really unique but I'm not so sure about the mirror above the window that is slants down over the toilet - I'm not sure a person would want to look up and see a mirror view of them doing their business... I still like the overall look though.  This came from Vintage Season

I also had to share this picture - I thought this was cute.... in case you haven't heard Oklahoma had earthquakes and tornadoes in the same day yesturday!

My Earthquake Damage Update:  Called the insurance company and we don't have earthquake insurance because we live in Oklahoma and ARE NOT supposed to have earthquakes.  Not sure where to go from here... I don't know if the crack is indicative of bigger issues like foundation damage or if it's simply a little cosmetic issue?


  1. I hope the crack is just cosmetic.
    BTW, I love your About Me Photo. I've been meaning to include an About Me section on my blog as well and just haven't gotten around to it.


  2. This is so cool. I love the bathroom, it is one of my favorite rooms to try and redesign. I love looking at bathroom books from the library, so many great ideas. I love that you have put things in pretty bottles, I may have to do that. Can't wait to see your before and afters.


  3. Wow! Your blog is amazing and brilliant! And this post? Very informative and creative. Looking forward to more great posts from you.


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