Mommy Monday

I love blogs by other Mom's because I get to find awesome ideas like this from Random Thoughts Of A Supermom.  When my little princess gets bigger and starts creating little works of art I will deffinitely be doing something similiar to what she did in her hall (shown below) to display her children's artwork

As a Mommy here are a couple of my new favorite Etsy shops.

I love Knotty Baby Wear - she has adorable baby leggings at great prices.  Felicity has 3 pairs of her leg warmers and I think she needs more!  Here's Felicity wearing one of her pairs of Knotty Baby Leggings.  (The hat she's wearing is made by me and can be found in my Etsy Shop)

I have recently discovered Blueberry Junkie through her blog - she has the cutest hats, along with some other children's items.   I love her stuff.  I'm thinking I need to get Felicity a hat from this shop for Christmas.  here are a couple examples of what you will find in her shop.

- Pamela


  1. We used to have some modern art "masterpieces" by our children framed in inexpensive frames in our living room. Even now, we have two large drawings, one by each child done in high school art classes, framed in our bedroom. Love decorating with family art!

    And, I agree, Blueberry Junkie's hats are so adorable! I hope she is still making them when I have grandkids! Love them!

  2. Love the art display. There ia artwork displayed in almost every room in my house. My grandson's.

    I have read that it is one of the best self-esteem tools a person can offer, just displaying their art.

    I love it. It makes me happy seeing it hung about.

    Stopping by from blogging buddies on etsy. I am following your blog.


  3. Love your wall art display...super cute.

  4. The wall art display looks great, and so much better than the regular fridge work!

    My baby girl loves her leg warmers. We'll have to check out that shop to see what they have!

    Blueberry Junkie has super cute hats! (And her blog is great too.)

    Great post!
    from Blogging Buddies

  5. Hi Felicity,
    Thanks for stopping by and following. Love your Saturday Home showcase, will have to make a regular Saturday visit to you :-)

    Are those your cute kids - adorable :-)
    Great to meet you.

  6. My kids love drawing monsters, and aliens. One day we cut up the drawings, and glued them onto bright, colourful paper. Now, they are framed and look amazing up on the walls of their playroom. Visitors always notice them and compliment the art. My little artists beam with pride when this happens.

    Felicity thank you so much for featuring my hats on your blog today...that's always a great feeling!!




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