Saturday Home Showcase

Every Saturday on my blog I am going to showcase a home with a style I love and find inspiring.  The first home showcase is from Better Homes & Gardens - I recently came across this on their website and was thrilled they were willing to let me share it.  I love this magazine and always find great ideas and inspiration in its pages. 
dining nook   
variety of flowers in glassware    living room fireplace 
living room couch    tall mirror with coat hangers
bedroom overall 
rosebud jewelry holder    dresser in bedroom 
lamp with yellow shade 
desk area
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On another note: a group of Etsy sellers are having an ONLINE OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS CRAFT SHOW - looks of great old fashioned items, check it out.

Also, I didn't get around to getting a picture scanned yesturday, but for Veteran's Day I wanted to share a picture of my husband in his Marine Corps days, so here it is a day late: I think this pic was taken in 2003

Coming Up: Mommy Monday!

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  1. Beautiful post - also make sure you give your husband a big hug from all of us who appreciate his hard work.

  2. What a beautiful home! I never would have thought to use that color, but it's so HAPPY looking. And I second the above comment, please tell your husband thank you from all of us!

  3. Great post! Love the colors and the way they organized the place. Beautiful. I also just posted a picture of a garden studio if you want to check it out.

    And I third the comment- tell your husband we really appreciate his hard work!!

  4. Those are some beautiful homes. Agree with everyone else. Your husband deserves a great big hug from all of us!

  5. Those are fabulous rooms, I would love for my house to look like that! Tell your hubby thank you from me for his service to our country..Oorah devil dog.


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