Easy Spring Wreath Tutorial

I Made this Spring / Easter Wreath last weekend for less than $15 and took some pics along the way to share so you can make one too!
For the basic part of the wreath you will need a grapevine wreath, green garland and floral wire.

Wrap the green garland around the wreath then secure it in place by twisting the floral wire around it here and there.

The to make it more festive take a strip of lace or ribbon and glue on letters to spell out Spring or Easter or whatever you want and tie the lace/ribbon onto the wreath.
Then use scrapbook paper to cut out a bunny silhouette.  I used a silhouette leftover from last year but if you just do a google search for "bunny silhouette" you can find all kinds of printable templates you can use for your bunny.  Glue your bunny onto the lace.

I decided for Easter the wreath was too plain with just the lace and bunny so I added a few dyed coffee filter flowers to the bottom.  I just tucked the "stems" of my flowers into the grapevine wreath.
To see how to make the coffee filter flowers Click Here to go to my 
Guide for Working with Coffee Filters.

After Easter is over I will take off the flowers and the lace strip with the bunny and probably just leave the plain green garland grapevine wreath op for a while.

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