My Home ready for Spring & Easter

Spring is in full bloom at my house.  Normally I don't do much for Easter decorating but Felicity is having an Easter Tea Party this year so I've been more motivated to get the house "Springed Up". 
We have tons of these pretty wildflowers around our yard and I've enjoyed bringing in a new batch every few days.  Felicity loves to help pick them!

My husband was mowing last weekend and I was outside running around in front of the lawnmower picking all of them I could before he cut them down.

I also have been putting some in my little glass cup with some clippings from the holly bush outside.

I've been making some pom balls from coffee filters for her party and have put them around the house on display.  I'll hang them from the ceiling above the table for her party.  To see how to make them Click Here.

Also hung one above the bathroom mirror.  It goes well with my bathroom colors.

We also made a topiary out of coffee filters.  Click Here to see how to do this.

 Made a simple little Easter wreath too and of course I had to include some more coffee filters!  Click Here to see my post on this.

I got to pull out my pretty spring plate on the right now that I've cleared the Fall/Winter decorations off this shelf.  I got that little plate a Goodwill at couple years ago for .75 and love it.  Also got the little turquoise vase at Goodwill for less than .75

Changed out my table centerpiece to do something a little more Springish with the moss and lace, etc.

Put some glittered Easter eggs and Spring colored coffee filter flowers in my birdcage I just refinished (I'll have a post on that soon).

Also set up a little Easter vignette on the side desk in my dinning room.

This pretty Easter subway art is from "I Should Be Mopping the Floor".  She has a great blog, and I would definitely recommend checking her out.

Also wanted to share a couple pics from my yard... 

I love it when everything starts blooming and there are beautiful colors everywhere!

The winner of my giveaway was GGMIX!  I put names of all the entries in a box and let Felicity draw out and this was the one she picked up.  Please send me your mailing info so I can get your goodies shipped - I have sent you a message through Facebook as well.

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  1. What a darling home! I love the feathers, the topiary is adorable, and glitter eggs? You had me at glitter. :) Great job on everything!

  2. Looks wonderful and homey. I don't change things up at my house as much as I should. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I absolutely love the colour of those flowers. Your place looks great! I passed an award on to you. Stop by if you are interested!


  4. visiting from Saturday Seven linky party- love all the uses of coffee filters! Gonna have to give that a try :)

  5. Everything looks beautiful! Thanks for joining us for "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Come and join us again next week! -The Sisters

  6. Everything looks lovely! Happy Easter!

  7. Love the little flowers in the turquoise vase, a pretty color combo, Laura

  8. That first photo is amazing--love the blue flowers and turquoise. Beautiful decorations. Have a wonderful Easter and thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  9. What fun decorations for Easter & the tea party! Love those pretty blue flowers. "Weeds" can just surprise the heck out of you, can't they?
    Happy Easter!

  10. Beautiful! These are lovely photos :)

  11. Pretty and a tea party sounds so fun!

  12. Yes it is ready. Very pretty. Enjoy and have a great weekend. Thanks for sharing this on this week's BeColorful

  13. A tea party! How fun! I wish I had lovely wild grape hyacinth in my yard! Hope you had a lovely Easter!



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