Bargain Home Finds & A Bold Cat

I went to do some thrift store / bargain shopping last weekend and found some awesome deals I was really excited about and thought I would share.  

I found this desk at a consignment store for $70 and loved it.  It's going against an empty wall in my dinning room and will be made into a little command center for my business right now until we can do something else.  My business paperwork and everything was managed out of our extra bedroom but my inventory is now taking up the majority of the room leaving no room to work - it's more of a miniature warehouse now than an office.
I'm going to replace the current knobs with crystal knobs.  I am really curious when this was made?  It has kind of a 70's feel to me, but I don't know so if anyone has any idea I would love to know what you think.

I like to know my stuff.  This way when someone says, "Cool Desk".... I can say "Oh yes, that's a blah blah blah, it was made in yada yada yada"

I got these fake pears from Wall's for $2 and they look much prettier in person than this picture - poor Felicity thinks they are real and keeps climbing up on the table and trying to bite into them.

I got all of these vases and candle stick holders at the Goodwill Store for 75 cents each.  I searched all over the shelves to find them all here and there.

On a different note, I had to share this picture of Felicity kissing this cat.  This is so funny because...

1) This is not a house cat and that is not it's bed - that's our dog Zoey's bed
2) This is NOT even OUR CAT - it's the neighbor's cat.  My husband was working in the garage and left the door open to the kitchen and this cat just pranced in and made himself at home!
Felicity ran in the room and was so happy and surprised to see the cat that she ran over there and gave him a kiss.... our dog Zoey on the other hand, was not so happy.

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