Saturday Home Showcase - Living Life Unsimply

Today I am featuring the stunning before and after kitchen makeover from the home of Kristy at the blog Living Life (un)Simply.  She linked this project up at my "Get Inspired Monday Blog Party" last week and I just love it!  This is how her kitchen started:


and here it is now....

As I'm currently working on redoing my own kitchen I see several inspiring things in her makeover.  My favorite thing is the cute chandelier over the sink!

Also love the cabinets and this curtain:

and look how the other side of her kitchen went from this...


To this...

I think this little transformation is just full of awesomeness!

I was working yesterday on "distressing" my kitchen cabinets that we just painted and I had to share this phone conversation between my hubby and I....

Me: "Do we have a chain?"
Husband: "Yes"
Me: "Where do we keep it?"
Husband: "Ughhhhhh, Why?"
Me: "Because I am going to use it to beat the kitchen cabinets"
Husband: "Do you realize that will put little dents and probably flake the paint?"
Me: "yes dear, that's the point"
Husband: "I just don't understand you"

Anyway, I got the first section of painted cabinets sanded on the edges and hit with the chain (Felicity helped with that part) and tomorrow I'm glazing them with a distressing glaze and we'll see what happens!

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  1. Thank you SOO much, Pamela! I am truly honored to be featured on your blog! :)

  2. What a HUGE difference. Very nice.

  3. So pretty!! I love the dark wood countertops in contrast to the white cabinets. Really pretty.

  4. That is so funny about the chain and your husband. Sounds like mine. I have the same oak cabinets in my kitchen and saw in HGTV this kitchen makeover where they painted the cabinets white. Beautiful, just like these. But all the men in my life are saying, "You want to paint over oak cabinets??" Ah yes, I do. Anyway, I am still toying around with the idea...


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